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The other day the condo management company announced that the outside of the building was going to be painted. I went upstairs and looked out of the window to see the results. This is what I saw !

Dangerous Practice Painting the Outside of a Condominium

I hate to think what the staff turnover rate is for the painting and decorating company contracted to do the work. Unbelievable really. Life does not seem to mean much here! The picture speaks a thousand words.

He or she was 21 floors above the ground. The open space below was full of kids playing football - the chances of playing with paint pots and a set of step ladders instead of a ball was quite high I think? These workers do not seem to think about the possible consequences of their actions. Such is Thailand.

As it happens all ended happily.

Dangerous Practice - Man Decorating Building 21 Floors Up

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