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Well, it has been that time again. I have just returned to Bangkok after spending 3 weeks in Blighty. I can safely say it was the most miserable time in recent memory :)

To cap it all my return flight was booked for 30th November, the same day public sector workers had decided to hold a 24 hour strike. Despite horror stories of chaos to be expected at Heathrow airport, there was none. None at all. In fact terminal 4 was the quietest I have ever seen it.

Anyway, I just want to share with you my experiences of Egypt Air, the airline I flew from Bangkok to London with. This was the return leg of a booking made 12 moths ago. The long and the short of it all is that I will never fly with them again.

Never, not even if they are the cheapest airline by far, and they should be ! The service was absolutely diabolical with miserable cabin attendants who appeared not to give a monkeys about the passengers.

On the leg from Bangkok to Cairo I had two small cups of apple juice and something that was meant to be chicken. I already knew there would be no alcohol on the plane but I thought I would have been allowed more than two cups of apple juice ! I asked for a third cup on three occasions but never did get it... the attendants seemed more interested in chatting amongst themselves or just keeping out of the way.

The leg from Cairo to Bangkok was slightly better, I slept most of the way :)

So my advice to you is do not use Egypt Air unless you have no alternative.

I flew back from London to Bangkok with Etihad Airways - a far better experience. But as with every time I have flown with them, and this time was no exception, there was a good choice of food on the menu card but when they actually got to serve you they only had chicken ! I actually see the menu card as a complete waste. Surely they could be binned and help to save a tree or two.

Anyway, now that I am back in Bangkok I feel much better.

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