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Fishing Fun in Bangkok

The words fishing in Bangkok conjures up horror stories for me. There is no way I would fish, swim in or otherwise come into contact with the filthy waterways of Bangkok. So when my friend suggested I should join him on a fishing trip to a place somewhere in Bangkok I nearly ran a mile. But luckily I didn't run and was pleased that I didn't.

The place he had in mind was a lake some 30 minutes drive from where we live, called Bungsumran. It is an old quarry/mine  that has been turned into a lake and opened up for fishing.

You have to pay to fish there of course, and if you haven't got any equipment or experience, they can help you out. You can fish from a jetty or you can rent a lakeside hut for the day, and you WILL catch a fish. In fact the lake is the home to an awful lot of huge fish ! I am not sure of the prices as I didn't pay, but I did notice they charge foreigners more than Thai's but showing a Thai drivers licence ( even as a foreigner )  gets you the Thai price.

We went on a Sunday and it was quite busy. We managed to rent the last available hut. Apparently it is a lot less busy on a weekday.

Anyway,we caught five fish, all of which were at least 25 kgs in weight. There must have been 30 huts, and a long jetty, so maybe there were 120 rods being used, and someone somewhere was catching a fish all the time. It was incredible.

Food is available, there is a small mini mart, basic bar and restaurant, and an internet shop. It's a great day out for a family.

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My mates and their fish !

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