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Fire Sukhumvit Soi 8 Coffee Shop

The coffee shop/ internet cafe situated more or less on the corner of Sukhumvit Soi 8 went up in flames last night. The fire started on the ground floor and soon spread upwards. The Baan Dalah Spa and the Indian Today restaurant on either side were lucky not to have gone up in flames as well, but I am sure they have suffered considerable smoke, heat and water damage.

I happened to be passing just as the fire broke out. What drew my attention to it was the plate glass window of the shop blowing out. Then the ground floor became an inferno. I just hope no one was inside. These 2 images were taken just after the window blew out.

Fire Soi 8

Fire Soi 8 View
You can see the fire starting at the rear of the ground floor. The dense black smoke was not at all pleasant. The fire soon took hold as seen below.

Fire Taking Hold

The Fire Service were very slow to repond. It must have been at least 20 minutes from the time the fire stated. At first a 'lay' fire service turned up but were totally useless. Their pump wouldn't work, and they could not connect a hose to a fire hydrant. The crews were running round like headless chickens. It was laughable. They didn't manage to get one drop of water onto the fire.

One guy even tried to tackle the blaze with a fire extinguisher. He is pictured below - he must have been very naive and inexperienced to think that he could make any difference with an extinguisher!

More of the fire

Then the real fire service turned up some 15 minutes later and rapidly got to grips with the blaze. If they had got there quicker the blaze could have been contained within the ground and first floors instead of the whole building. But such is life.

All I hope is that no one was inside because if there was they would be coming out in body bags.

Fire Scene Soi 8 Coffee Shop

More of the fire

Coffee Shop Gutted

End of the coffee shop
Update: It would appear that the fire started in the kitchen and that everyone got out ok. Building is totally gutted. I am not an engineer but the shell doesn't look safe to me.

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