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At Christmas time in 2008 I was at Thong Lor BTS station withdrawing some cash out of an ATM. I can remember it well. As I was taking the cash from the dispenser a white guy walked up to me and engaged me in conversation.

I was immediately suspicious ( as is my nature ) and was on my guard. He wanted to know the way to Pattaya. I explained his best bet would be to go to Ekkamai and get the bus. He asked me how he should get there and I said it was just one stop away on the BTS. He promptly asked me for the fare as he did not have enough money because he had left his travellers cheques in Pattaya. He would reimburse me later if I gave him my bank details !

I declined in no uncertain terms and walked away.

Now, today, the same guy came up to me again ! This time I was waiting for a friend on the corner of Sukhumvit 36 and Sukhumvit Road ( Thong Lor ). I recognised him straight away but he clearly didn't recognise me.

This time he asked me where he could cash some travellers cheques. I was laughing inside and told him to get the BTS to Phrom Phong and go to the currency exchange booths there. He felt in his pockets and said he didn't have the fare and could I help him out with a hundred baht. I burst into laughter and 'politely' told him to walk.

So he did.

He was white, about 40 - 45 years old, 6ft tall, medium build and spoke with an American accent. He was reasonably dressed.

Has anyone else experienced similar ?

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