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Property Portals / Estate Agency Websites

Having lived in Bangkok for many years I have moved about 7 times from condo to condo. Each time I have moved I have spent hours scouring the web and estate agency websites for a suitable property. Here I recommend an agency for those of you who want to live in eastern Bangkok.

One thing I found is that the vast majority of websites had many properties listed but a large number of properties were no longer available. This was particularly the case for the property portal websites where the website owners have no real control over the listings.

I found this very frustrating, and in fact downright irritating. I got fed up calling about a listing one after another to be told the property is no longer available. I suggested they should take it off the portal many times but met a blank wall.

I also found the same property on more than one portal/website at different rents. I called the agency with the cheaper price to be told it was no longer available but they had another similar property which was priced higher. I declined, and went to the other site that had the same property and called them - it was still available and so I took it. Not happy with the first agency at all.

On Nut Condos

From my experience, I can say that if you want to rent or buy a condo in Eastern Bangkok try On Nut Condos.

Nala who runs this family business will help you, but they only cover the Sukhumvit area from around Nana to Samrong along the BTS (Skytrain) Line. Not a problem if you want to live in that area. They are a registered company and not to be confused with the freelance agents in Bangkok that come and go like the weather.

In fact On Nut and the neighboring Phrakanong are fast becoming THE places to live.


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