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Well I suppose it had to end sometime. My days of going out socialising, drinking and generally having fun are being severely curtailed ! With the currency exchange rate now standing at 50 baht for 1 GBP my disposable income has been reduced by nearly 300 GBP a month from what I had 6 weeks ago ! The value of the pound has dropped like a stone thrown from my 23rd floor balcony !

I wish the stone would land on Gordon Browns head. I hold him 80 per cent responsible for what has happened to the UK and the pound. He allowed the UK economy to thrive by encouraging personal debt. He gave away billions to foreigners, he wasted millions on ridiculous QUANGOS set up as jobs for the boys, and at the same time ignored the true British people. He also stated relatively recently that the 'days of boom and bust are over' - what a load of trash. He misled, for his own gain, the general public in the UK and he has to go. NOW.

I live in Thailand and there is no way the Thai authorities would ever give me a single Baht if I was broke. I am quite happy not sponging off my host country.

That is what it should be like in the UK. No handouts to foreigners, and put the true Brits first.

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