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I am in two minds whether to post this, but I suppose I have to :)

Last night I popped into my favourite Indian Restaurant, India Today, located at the corner of Sukhumvit Road and Soi 8. They serve great food and the service is excellent. Anyway I went in and up to the second floor where I was met by the shouts and screams of people fighting on the floor above.

I sat down and wondered what on earth was going on in this normally tranquill restaurant. Then some late teen males and females came tumbling down the stairs and the fighting continued. It took a good 20 minutes for the staff to sort the mess out. In total about 30 teenagers were ejected, the vast majority were very drunk and were fighting and arguing amongst themselves.

What made it worse was that they were the kids of good class ex pat families working in Bangkok, and the kids went to a local international school !! They made a complete mess of the third floor of the restaurant - they did not do themselves any favours.
After the commotion ended the staff told me that a father of one of the kids booked the 3rd floor for a birthday party. He failed to state it was for a bunch of teenagers. Teenagers with more money than sense. The staff learned a good lesson and I think they will ask more questions when someone tries to book a birthday party there.

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