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Ant Colony

I was wondering why I was getting stung aroud the ankles whenever I went out barefoot into the garden. I could not see what or who was doing it because it was dark, but every time I went near a certain tree it happened. At one stage the sting / bite site on my foot was so inflamed and itchy I had to get some steroid cream from the local pharmacy. They also advised me to take some antihistamine tablets. Apparently some people can go into anaphylactic shock.

After a couple of weeks of this I decided to investigate - in daylight. I pulled back some foilage from around the base of the tree and found hundreds of red ants running amok on top of what was clearly an ant colony. A quick search on google revealed that this colony had to go asap.

It was no good just digging up the colony as the red ants would just go someplace else, so I had to kill them off. This was easily achieved, to my surprise, by using a powder I bought in Tops supermarket. I mixed it with some small fish heads (wifes suggestion)  and covered the area around the colony. The ants went wild and within a few hours most of the mixture was gone.

Red Ants Gone

24 hours later there was no trace of the red ants, just a deserted colony.


Then, to my amazement, a lot of black ants appeared from nowhere and moved into the colony. Thats was enough, I got a spade and destroyed  their new home. My wife suggested charging them rent but i was  not sure about that idea.

Anyway, if you find red ants in your garden get rid of them asap. Pictured here is the packet of powder I bought.

UPDATE November 2019: No red ants have ben seen in my garden since I removed the colony. Word obviously gets around in the red ants world!

Ant Powder

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