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Online Dating in Thailand

I do not have to do this internet dating game, but two good friends of mine who live in Bangkok swear by it. In fact one of them finds a new girl on the internet every week with no intention of a long term relationship.

A sort of meet them, xxxx them, and forget them attitude. I am not sure if the girls in question know what they are letting themselves in for with him, but they probably soon find out. I am not saying that what he does is 'not right' in fact it sounds fun, and of course, it takes two to tango.

The apparent never ending 'supply' of girls who want a farang is unbelievable.

What worries me is the number of men who live outside of Thailand  who get hooked by a girl and spend months chatting to them online.  Loads of them fall  for the 'send me money my buffalo is sick' or similar story, resulting in the guy getting heavily out of pocket. If only they new that their special girl was probably doing this with half a dozen men at once.

But as the Thais would say ' It's up to them'.

One thing is sure. The dating sites and girls on them are making a lot of money from farang ! Some good relationships no doubt form, but remember the phrase 'buyer beware'.

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