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I was walking down Soi Cowboy last night, broke and feeling sorry for myself, when I heard the girls call out 'Hey Mav look at this'. This sort of thing is quite normal and at first I ignored it. But they continued shouting, even louder than before. I turned to them and nearly wet my pants.
There was a sign outside one of my favourite GoGo bars - I couldn't believe it. Beer 10 baht all night, free bar fine, free room at Asoke Place - I thought my eyes were deceiving me, or perhaps the last beer was too strong. It even flashed through my mind that perhaps I had been taking the wrong sort of tablets but I soon discounted that.

Anyway I went across and the girls took me inside. In fact they pulled me in saying, 'Yes, Yes, Yes'. I was somewhat apprehensive thinking that I was being lined up as the male participant in a floor show.

There was no show, but true to the signs words I was handed a voucher entitling me to a free bar fine and room at Asoke Place. I asked for another voucher and because they knew me they gave me an extra one ! I have heard of buy one get one free but this was much better.

Well, that was it for the night - 10 beers for 100 baht ! Heaven ! Then off to Asoke Place - with two girls !! What a night.

Then I woke up.

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