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It has been one pain of a week.

As of last week one of my desktop computers started to 'hang up'. First of all I just thought it was one of those things, but the 'hangs'  became more and more frequent. My first thoughts was a virus or malware, but I couldn't find any. My second thought was a conflict between two devices / programs, and my next thought was a heat problem / or that a piece or pieces of hardware were failing.

I regularly clean out junk, clean the registry, scan for malware and viruses, and do all the other housekeeping that is possible. But just to make sure I  did another housekeeping session and soon discounted viruses, malware, or a messed up registry.

So I moved on and removed a couple of recently installed programs and the firewall that had recently been updated. But that didn't work either - the intermittent  'hanging' was still there.

I couldn't find anything in the event viewer or logs that helped determine the cause of the hangs so I took drastic action......

To eliminate the possible heat issue I removed the covers and directed the fan in my room onto the computers component parts !  No change.

So it was a case of reinstalling Windows XP.

After doing that, which took some 3 hours, it appeared that the intermittent hangs had gone - but no, they just became less frequent ! I wished that whatever was causing the hangs would fail completely !  It would have made life so much easier.

I got there in the end. The answer  was a hard drive that was on the way out. I ran some diagnostic tests on the c drive and the results showed there was a read / write errors  in certain sectors. A change of hard drive and everything was fine. The moral I have learned from all this is to check the hard drive first !  As well as failing completely they do fail partially.

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