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Visa Extension of Stay in Passport

At last a sensible requirement for people wanting a retirement visa in Thailand.  It was recently announced that new applicants for a retirement visa ( or renewals ) will have to have valid medical insurance. 400,000 Baht of 'in patient' cover, and 40,000 Baht of 'outpatient' cover.

The Thai authorities have setup a website listing Thai companies able to offer such insurance, but it does not cover all such companies.

You can find it here

They would rather you have insurance from a Thai company, or Thai susidiary of an International company, but state they will accept a policy from overseas. I think the problem with an overseas issued policy will be how they check it is actually valid?

Remember you do not have to use companies on the above site, they are trying to imply you do, but that is not correct.

Of course, as with most rules made in Thailand, they are open to interpretation and can change on a whim. News has just been released saying that this insurance requirement is coming into effect in July, 2019.

I hope they also make it compulsory for tourists, The number of tourists who come here without any insurance then rent a motorcycle thinking its the same as riding at home, is a big problem.The fact that many do not wear helmets when they ride compounds the problem.

There are gofundme pages set up frequently to pay for medical treatment for injured tourists doing that. All for the sake of saving a few pounds or dollars. They should not be allowed into the country without insurance, and insurance that actually covers for motorcycle accidents as many do not or with much less cover than any other type of accident..


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