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Some Runners Promting the Event

Chiang Rai is to host a Global Running Summit and a half marathon between 4th and 7th July, this year (2019). Put the dates in your diary or Google Calendar.

This is part of a national strategy to use sport as an economic driver for cities and communities.

I don't know where this will be held but I expect Singha Park will feature as it is used for many similar events. I used to be a cross country runner but those days have gone, I am more like a road walker now. This event might inspire me to do more?

The summit is meant to be bringing people together from around the globe who have experience of organising such events. Hopefully they will share their knowledge of how marathons are organised in support of local communities. I am certain the half marathon will be a success.

Chiang Rai is growing. The road infrastructure is improving all the time,a second Big C has been built, Central Plaza and its parking problems have been resolved, a new bus station in the centre of town is now open, things are improving for the people of Chiang Rai. But a Tesco Lotus Superstore is still needed!

Source: Chiang Rai Times


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