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Go Go Girls - Rice Fields Cartoon

The lockdown in Chiang Rai has been going on a few weeks. No bars, no massage, no alcohol. The last time I went to a bar in Jetyod Road was 17th March, This is not how retirement is meant to be. Let us hope the restrictions are lifted soon.

So what have we been doing?

Sat At Home - Chiang Rai Lockdown

I have put on about 5 kg in weight.

Instead of sleeping from midnight until 8.00 am I now sleep from 1 am until 10.30 am. Then have another kip at about 4 pm for an hour.

Apparently, this change is normal for someone stuck indoors for a long time who would not be normally.

My wife has spent the time sewing, knitting, cooking vast amounts of food, and spending money on Lazada. One of the Lazada orders was for a 4000 piece jigsaw that arrived yesterday. That should keep her busy for a couple of weeks. 

There has been the odd trip to Big C to stock up, and the local 7 - Eleven, but that's about it. But I am pleased to report that the locals seem to be taking the removal of restrictions into their own hands and slowly going back to normal life. That is apart from many shops not selling alcohol, the restaurants that are closed, and the curfew from 10 pm to 4 am.

Despite the ban on selling booze, it has gradually become been available from the odd mom and pop shop as long as people are discreet. TIT.

Traffic on the roads is just about back to normal, so I reckon come1st May everything will be back open. Who knows?

So what have I been doing? Pornhub? No.

Most of my waking hours have been spent sitting in front of my PC playing computer games, coding a PHP project of mine, watching Netflix, UK TV, and wasting time on Twitter. @stickboyBangkok seems to be showing withdrawal symptoms as Nana Plaza is closed, @underexpose is stuck in a hotel room in Indonesia and @KristoferA has been winding up SCB Bank.

Twitter is great but there are many trolls, political activists with their fake news, friends and fun to be had. The secret is to make the distinction between what is real and what is false. The Twittersphere can also make you crazy if you can't take insults and do not know when to ignore some people who use it. @piersmorgan is one!

You might notice I have not included Facebook. I have a Facebook account but rarely use it. In fact, I want to bin it but find it hard to do as I belong to a few groups from my Army days, a couple of game communities and it is a great way to keep in touch with old friends. 

As for the games, I have been playing.

EVE Online, Delta Force 2 multiplayer (blast from the past), Empyrion: Galactic Survival, and the Grail Lords have been played every day with my Grail Lords user name being Yuma. I have set up a server to play Empyrion: Galactic Survivor if you want to join. Contact me for details. I hate to think how many hours have been spent playing games - sometimes all day!

It is great to get back into Delta Force 2 multiplayer. There is a small community still playing this game even though it is 20 years old. There are a few things you need to change in the game files to get it to work on a modern PC but it only takes a bit of reading and some file downloads and you will be up and running as though it was 1999.


You can buy it for 129 Baht on Steam if you want it, and if you search for Delta Force 2 on Facebook you will find a group where all the instructions can be found to get it to run it as multiplayer.




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