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Chiang Rai Beach

Yes, there is a beach in Chiang Rai although there is no sea and no sand. Chiang Rai beach is an area on the banks of the River Kok about 5 Km from the town centre.

It is a popular area for Thais who like to go there and sit beside the river, play in the water, eat and drink. Foreigners also go there for a pleasant break away from the town centre.

Find it on Google Maps here.


Chiang Rai beach or Pattaya 2 - Up To You

This area is also known locally as Pattaya 2, but there is no resemblance to the real Pattaya at all. Far from it.

As can be seen from the photographs there is a very large natural area in which to park cars and the seating and eating areas are a few steps away. These seating areas are in huts made mainly of bamboo, with patrons sitting on the floor around low tables, Thai style.

Food is served from kitchens away from the river on the opposite side from the car parking area. Each section of bamboo huts is serviced by a separate kitchen. Food and drink can be ordered from service staff who will make themselves known to you after you find somewhere to sit.

As to be expected, on your arrival at the beach staff will try and guide you to their particular area but of course, you do not have to follow their directions. Prices are reasonable as the vast majority of clientele are Thai. Foreigners are welcome and there is NO dual pricing.

Parking Area at Chiang Rai Beach

May 2019: At the time of writing this update the river is still dry, which is unusual, but that will change as soon as the rainy season starts. When the river is flowing it is quite fast and the current is strong so caution is advised if you venture into it. Have fun but be careful. More pictures coming when the river is flowing.

Quick update. It is just before Christmas, 2020 and the beach area is looking sad. Most of the riverside eating areas are for sale. But on the plus side there is quite extensive work being carried out which I assume is for flood and river bank erosion protection.

A lot of money has also been spent on a new and modern toilet area - so things are looking up for when Covid is over.

Shown below is a picture of a Buddhist temple on the opposite side of the river from the main eating area. In my view it brightens up the area.

There is also a riverside restaurant called @Waterside on the opposite bank from the 'beach' area. From what I have seen it is quite popular, but to get to it you need drive about 6 or 7 Km from the beach as there is not a bridge near enough to walk over the river.

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