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The day is nearly here, at last. This Covid nonsense is going away I hope.

I am getting LINE and Messenger messages from a few bars in Jetyod Road ordering me to go and drink in their bars on 1st July.

Offers From Chiang Rai Bars

The best offer has been from Awe's bar (certainly not a girlie bar), located just behind Lam Yai bar.

Starting at 2pm on the 1st, there will be free crackers and cheese for patrons.

It is nice to see a bar actually offering something like that instead of just ordering people to go and spend money, with no incentive to help patrons choose where to go.

Of course the bars will be desperate for business but they really need to offer incentives. The few girlie bars that exist in Jetyod Road should offer cheap beer and cheap lady drinks, and if you you spend over 1500 Baht you can have a free bar fine.

Can't see that happening though.

96 Bar has been open for a few days already, but they have a restaurant licence. So were open legally.

Another bar (girlie variety) without such a licence, opened the other day but closed for some reason, 1 1/2 hours later. I have no idea why and can only speculate. Some people think all the girls were bar fined so they shut, others think another sort of enforcement took place.

Anyway, the normal times are nearly upon us. Enjoy.

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