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Man and Bar Girl

Having lived in Bangkok for many years I struck up 'friendships' with all sorts of girls. This post is about parts of conversations I have had with Bangkok bar girls. Some are amusing, well all are amusing 555555. Names are their real names but I will not state what bars they work in or did work in, maybe you will know them?

I am sure many of you can relate to these snippets of conversation carried out in the fascinating world of the Thai bar girl.

I have had much fun with these girls, the fun times far outnumber the rare bad experience. I am sure you have had the same but try not to let your guard down.

Me Chatting With Thai Bar Girls

Me: 'Where have you been these last few days?'

Fon: 'I had to go home, my mum died'.

Me: 'But you said that six months ago - has she died twice?'

Fon: 'Oh I forgot about before'.

Common Scam

Cartoon courtesy of Mike Baird - Mike Baird Cartoonist in Pattaya, Thailand

Twitter @mike_cartoonist

Me: 'How is your boyfriend in England?'

Bee: 'Which one?'

Me: 'Why are you lying to me?'

Tik: 'Why not? Why I cannot lie to you?'

Me: Bar girls seem to lie all the time'.

Tik: Yes, it is part of the job, stupid men believe and we make money'.

Me: 'Why do you put drinks on my bill for girls I didn't buy for?'

Mon: 'Why not? They work here and it's my bar. We need money.'

Me: 'Don't you think bill padding is wrong?'

Mon: 'I don't care'.

Me: 'I am not paying this bill - it is too much'.

Anne: 'If you not pay I call Police'.

Me: 'Go on then'.

Anne: 'Ok pay half'.

Me: 'Why are you wearing denim shorts under your dress?'

Lee: 'Give me 500 Baht and I will take them off'.

Tik: 'Why is it men 40 years up think that a 20 - 25 year bar girl loves them?'

Me: 'You tell me'.

Tik: 'They stupid - girl only love money - they have many men take care them'.

Me: 'Do bar girls prefer young men over old ?'

Ole: 'Yes, but only young Thai men not young farang. They go with older farang to get money so they can have fun with their Thai boyfriend'.

Ole: 'If there is a handsome young farang and a older farang the bar girl will always take the older one because the young one has no money',

I am sure this list can be added to, so if anyone else has similar let me know and I will add them to this lot.

One thing I have learned is that a majority of bar girls enjoy their work. There are exceptions of course but where else can a young girl have a great social life and earn money at the same time? I even know a girl who is a qualified optician but works in a bar because she can drink, have fun, dance, get taken on trips, shopping AND make money.



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