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Red Broken Heart

I have posted here on more than one occasion about men having 'serious relationships'  with Thai bar girls. Many other people have done the same on their blogs and even in books. The advice is always the same and is based on the experiences of many, many people and even my personal experience.

The long and the short of the advice is do not  form a relationship with a bar girl unless you want to be emotionally, financially, and sometimes physically brought to your knees. I know this can happen anywhere with anyone, but there is far more chance (99%) of it happening with a bar girl.

This text message was brought to my attention yesterday by a very good farang friend of mine who I shall call John Doe . He received it after texting a message to a bar girl he infrequently met  as her customer. I have changed the names for obvious reasons:

" John Doe, my name is  Sebastian. I am Khun Petulas 'husband'. She tell me that she loves me and wanted to be my 'wife', so I helped her to stop working at the bar by having her come live with me and supporting her and her family. Now I discover that she contacts previous customers like yourself to meet for sex. Honestly I am heartbroken - I love her so much. I just wanted you to know. No hard feelings. Sebastian."

There is a very high chance that the message is really from the girls 'husband' who has been  examining her phone after suspecting something was not right. So sad. I have many friends who are bar girls but that is as far as it goes.  Have fun with them, even have great fun, but please be careful.

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