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Thai Girlfriend for rent

Thailand bar girls are renowned for the Thai Girlfriend Experience (TGE).

Men travel from all over the world to Thailand to meet a bar girl and treat her as a girlfriend for a few days to a few months. Some even longer. This is fine if that is all the man wants.

There is a big problem.

Firstly, in 100% of the cases the girl who is hired for a TGE is working. Let's not forget that.

Man Meets Thai Bar Girl

First of all, a guy meets the girl normally in a beer bar or a go go. He gets to know her, he may spend a couple of nights taking her out her and then he thinks they click and he invites her to go with him for a week or more.

So after negotiating how much he will pay her and after speaking with her boss, the girl agrees.

If the guy is lucky the girl is a freelancer or works sideline (not fulltime for the actual bar).

The couple go away for their time together. The girl is probably treated like a princess with no expense spared. New telephones and gold are bought.

For some reason, the guy thinks he has to impress her. Don't forget that she is working and out to get as much from her 'boyfriend' as possible, so she will not complain about the extravagance. If the guy is used to the TGE he won't fall into the trap.

Eventually, He Leaves His New Girlfriend To Go Home

The end of their time away together ends and the farang has to go back to his country to work.

This is fine if the farang is 'hardened' to such experiences and happy for the arrangement to have been a financial one and that's it. The big problem is that many fall for the girl and go home feeling sad that he has to leave her, he says he loves her and promises to return as soon as possible. She reciprocates realising she has hooked him and has the prospect of a regular income. Tears at the airport are common. Are they real tears from the girl?

The guy goes home, the girl of his dreams is constantly in his thoughts, he is despairing at the thought that she is in the bar. What can he do? He video calls her late at night, Thailand time, to check on her. She answers his call most times but other times not. He can't understand that if she loves him why is she still working in the bar?

They discuss the matter and she says she doesn't like working in the bar but needs the money to live. He is in such an emotional state he says he will send her money on a regular basis. Maybe the equivalent of 15000 Baht a month, maybe far more. Then she won't have to work.

Some girls will say, 'ok I will stay in the bar and work cashier'. Others say they will go home and wait for his return. Many have no intention of doing either. Similar intentions are given by the others.

The girls who say they will go home are not stupid. Many will not go home but go and work in another bar, maybe in another town or certainly in an area where the farang has not been. She knows full well he will check up on her and often send a friend to her bar to see if she is there. Some couldn't care less and continues to work in the same bar.

Don't forget, she is working - it is her way of earning money.

The end result is a girl getting a regular income from her 'boyfriend' abroad, or even more than one 'boyfriend', and a great social life in a bar. She is respected and the envy of the new girls in the trade who aspire to get the same.

The farang becomes an emotional wreck. He has heard all the stories such as this one. Does he believe them or not? Surely not his girlfriend, not him? He knows girls, doesn't he? He has to wait months until his next planned visit. He can't concentrate on his job or his life, drops everything and rushes back to Thailand.

99 times out of 100 all this does not end well and the bank balance of the farang is decimated. He may also end up suffering from anxiety and depression. He could even lose his job.

Don't forget the girl was working.

Similar rent a girlfriend schemes seem to found in China.

As a caveat, I am well aware that there are farang / ex bar girl relationships that flourish. But normally they are ones formed when the guy lives in Thailand or has a good job and is a very, very frequent visitor to the Land of Smiles.

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