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Afterskool Plain Business Card

If you have never been in the infamous Afterskool bar, in Soi Cowboy and were handed this business card by a friend, what would you think about the bar ?

If you were astute you would realise that the cards bland look disguises what the bar is really like :)

I was in there the other night and as usual had a great time. The music was just as I like it ( none of this modern house / hip hop stuff ) , friendly girls and very reasonably priced beers. At 90 baht a beer all night is extrememly good for Soi Cowboy these days.

My old favourite, Cowboy 2, has raised its prices to 150 baht a beer ( outside happy hour ).  If the steep rise it is to try and recoup the cost of a recent refurbishment, or whether it is because other bars are getting away with charging 155 baht a beer - I don't know. But what I do know is that Afterskool has no intention of raising its prices and will be getting more of my cash than Cowboy 2 !!

Anyway' I just thought I would show you a pic of the Afterskool  business card. It's another one to be added to my collection so that I can bring back memories when I am in the old folks home.....

Oh, I forgot to mention, when I first got in the bar the other day the only customer was a young guy sat near the toilet. He was  getting a hand job from one of the girls.

I thought it was so funny. Sat next to them was another girl casually doing her make up, and on the otherside were 2 girls trying to read their fortunes from a deck of cards. All 4 girls were chatting away whilst the guy was worked on ! To the observer it looked like a normal thing for them to do.

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