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Placenta for Food

I thought it was a joke, but its not, its for real.

My girlfriend got a telephone call from her sister yesterday. Her sister lives in Isaan which is situated in the north east of Thailand. Her actual village is not far from the Laos border.

As the conversation was going on I realised by the tone of voice and the laughter, that something good had happened. At the end of the call my girlfriend told me that her sister was very happy as one of her buffalos had given birth and her family could sell the placenta at 300 baht a kilogramme and have food for a day. I thought she was joking, so I posted a question on a Thai forum asking if it was true. YES it was true ! I cringe at the thought.

It appears that eating the placenta from Buffalos and Cows is a widespread practice in Isaan - I feel nauseous as I type this! The risks from bacteria are huge ! I thought she was joking.................

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