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Plastic Policeman

When I was in the UK some time ago, the placing of cardboard police officers in public places gave everyone a laugh. The experts said these lifesize cardboard figures would give the same feelings of guilt to bad people who saw them, as they would get if they saw a 'real' officer. As a result crime would be prevented.

The whole population was in hysterics as more and more cardboard coppers were placed in strategic locations.

Well it looks like the police in Bangkok have been going down the same route. More and more plastic policeman are appearing at various places.

One improvement that could be made to these plastic policeman though, is the incorporation of a 'proximity detector'. Then, when it senses that a human being is within 3 metres it would activate. A 'cash deposit' draw would open, accompanied by a voice demanding the person places 200 baht in the drawer before going on their way ! Whether they will make this modification is unknown.

I took the above picture at Victory Monument in Bangkok the other day. I really must say that these are a vast improvement on the UK ones.

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