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Many visitors to Thailand encounter bar girls and share their experiences. Whether it is in a blog, website or actual hard copy.

When you look for hard copy there are some great books around that share experiences in great depth, much more depth than a blog. But are they fact or fiction? I would say they are a mixture of both, with a leaning towards fiction based on fact.

I have been meaning to write about this for ages. I am lazy I suppose - not like the maids I have employed over the many years I have been living in Bangkok.

10 February 2016

I popped in to Pantip Plaza the other day. The last time I went there was about a year ago - then it was crowded with customers, stalls and all the shop space seemed occupied. Business seemed brisk.

But now many shop spaces are empty or shuttered. Many of the stalls on the upper floors have gone, the place looks as though it is on the way down.

I can only speculate on the reason - is it because tourist numbers are really down hence not enough customers ? Is it because business owners are getting out because the building is going to make way for a new development of some sort ? Are the small businesses being priced out of the market by the big guys ? Who knows - I don't.

I know everything changes over time but this is sad :)

29 January 2015

I can't believe its been over 6 months since I last posted. I am still here but have been very busy. Busy counting the massage shops in On Nut !!

Massage in On Nut