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19 May 2019

Hitting the beer bars this week? Fed up with hangovers ruining your holiday and fun?  The below may help:

I was looking around the other day and came accross this product that is supposed to relieve, prevent or minimise hangovers and are also used to boost recovery rates after exercise.

Bytox Hangover Prevention
18 May 2019

It has been reported that the 7 - Eleven outlets in Thailand (thousands of them) are going to start offering a courier service within the country. Word has it you will be able to take a package into any 7 - Eleven 24 hrs a day for delivery anywhere in Thailand.

7 Eleven Sign
17 May 2019

This blog started life as It has been transferred to this new domain as our plans for it cannot be achieved on blogspot. It is not a criticism of blogspot / blogger, its just that this new platform gives us more options.

Transfer of Files
15 May 2019

At last a sensible requirement for people wanting a retirement visa in Thailand.  It was recently announced that new applicants for a retirement visa ( or renewals ) will have to have valid medical insurance. 400,000 Baht of 'in patient' cover, and 40,000 Baht of 'outpatient' cover.

Visa Extension of Stay Stamp
05 May 2019

Its been going on for months now - the air quality in Northern Thailand leaves a lot to be desired. In fact at times it has been hazardous to health and proper masks are needed. Not the cheap surgical masks but ones that filter PM 2.5. The former are a waste of money and will not filter out what is dangerous.

Burning Stubble - Thailand

Having been in Chiang Rai a few months I quickly realised that the bar scene revolving around P4P and bar girls is quite limited. But it does exist.

Chiang Rai is nothing like Bangkok and certainly nothing like Pattaya.

In fact when it comes to nightlife you will not find anything similar to Nana Plaza or Soi Cowboy. What beer bars you will find are similar to the older bars on Sukhumvit 22 in Bangkok but not as lively.


Two Girls Working at Smile Bar
04 June 2018

During my time  in Thailand I have been asked about having pets in a condominium.

In my experience there are not many condominium developments in Bangkok that allow pets. The reasons are smells, mess, and noise.

16 February 2018

Property Portals / Estate Agency Websites

Having lived in Bangkok for many years I have moved about 7 times from condo to condo. Each time I have moved I have spent hours scouring the web and estate agency websites for a suitable property. Here I recommend an agency for those of you who want to live in eastern Bangkok.

Man with House Keys