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18 June 2019

I was wondering why I was getting stung aroud the ankles whenever I went out barefoot into the garden. I could not see what or who was doing it because it was dark, but every time I went near a certain tree it happened. At one stage the sting / bite site on my foot was so inflamed and itchy I had to get some steroid cream from the local pharmacy. They also advised me to take some antihistamine tablets. Apparently some people can go into anaphylactic shock.

Ant Colony
14 June 2019

Following on from my previous post I want to tell you about the time I helped out a friend who I used to drink with in a pub in England. He wanted to kill me at first but soon thanked me for my actions and gave me money to cover my expenses. I took it of course. The story goes like this:

Lies and Smiling

Thailand bar girls are renowned for the Thai Girlfriend Experience (TGE).

Men travel from all over the world to Thailand to meet a bar girl and treat her as a girlfriend for a few days to a few months. Some even longer. This is fine if that is all the man wants.

There is a big problem.

Thai Girl for Rent
04 June 2019

Back in early 2018 it became necessary for drone owners in Thailand to get a permit for their use. These permits would be issued at local police stations.

The penalty for flying a drone without a permit was set at a fine of 10,000 Baht and or 5 years in jail. Since then there have been upwards 0f 7000 applications for drone permits.

Top of the Range Drone

Over the last couple of weeks I have been spending a lot of time moving everything from my old blog to this new site. I have neglected my wife a little bit and she is showing signs of discontent :)   Therefore I am forced to publish this picture of her and our cats.

My Wife - Kwang
24 May 2019

Just a few minutes drive to the south west of Chiang Rai town is Singha Park. It wil be on your right hand side as you come from town. You can't miss it, just look out for golden dragon looking beast (as per the The Beer Singha brand).

As you can guess, it is owned by the same people who own Singha beer. In my view, it is an excellent community project from a big company giving something to the people. Entry is free.

Singha Pak Entrance