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I first met Nong (not her real name) about 6 years ago in a bar at Whitesands Beach, Koh Chang. She was a run of the mill, newly 'appointed' bar girl, who couldn't speak any English. She worked in one of the small bars down the hill from Paddy Palms and Top Resort.

Nong as an Escort
06 May 2010

The words fishing in Bangkok conjures up horror stories for me. There is no way I would fish, swim in or otherwise come into contact with the filthy waterways of Bangkok. So when my friend suggested I should join him on a fishing trip to a place somewhere in Bangkok I nearly ran a mile. But luckily I didn't run and was pleased that I didn't.

Fishing in Bangkok
21 April 2010

I have just got back fom a quick visa run to Singapore. The volcanic ash in Europe, and the Bangkok political problems,  seem to have certainly affected the numbers of people using Suvarnabhumi airport. I got there at 9am and the place was practically empty.

11 April 2010

I have been e mailed by many people asking for my thoughts on the current unrest in Bangkok. As a visitor to Thailand I refuse to enter into any discussions about what is happening. To do so would be pure speculation on my part and of no benefit to anyone.

I obviously need to change my appearance as I must look like a real mug.

For the second time this month I have been the target of a farang fraudster. This was at 2100hrs today when I was in Villa Supermarket at Phrom Phong. I was getting some pork pies from the chiller when a young guy, no more than 23 years of age, walked up next to me. He selected some chilled pasta and asked me if it was halal. I looked at him and shrugged my shoulders and he said, 'oh you don't work in this shop then'.

At Christmas time in 2008 I was at Thong Lor BTS station withdrawing some cash out of an ATM. I can remember it well. As I was taking the cash from the dispenser a white guy walked up to me and engaged me in conversation.

I was immediately suspicious ( as is my nature ) and was on my guard. He wanted to know the way to Pattaya. I explained his best bet would be to go to Ekkamai and get the bus. He asked me how he should get there and I said it was just one stop away on the BTS. He promptly asked me for the fare as he did not have enough money because he had left his travellers cheques in Pattaya. He would reimburse me later if I gave him my bank details !