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09 August 2010

Whilst wandering around some bars in Bangkok the other day I came across this toilet. The area I was in has never struck me as having a high sanitary ware theft rate, but who am I to know?

Thai Toilet

It never ceases to amaze me how many Thai landlords bite their noses off to spite their face ! I live in a condominium complex that caters for medium income Thais and farang. The complex must house at least 2000 people, many of whom have cars, and clearly have spare money.

Condos in Bangkok

My mate mark has come over to Bangkok for a couple of weeks and last night we hit Soi Cowboy, and boy was it quiet. Compared with a year ago the customer numbers were at least 60 per cent lower.

Soi Cowboy - Tourist Police
28 June 2010

Yes, I have to reduce my outgoings , but I am encouraged by the statements from the new UK Government. It is time for the UK to get a kick up the arse.

Tonight's thrashing at football by the Germans  (even if a real goal was disallowed) should stand as an example to the Brits who have lived the last 13 years thinking that everything will come to them without any effort.

I first met Nong (not her real name) about 6 years ago in a bar at Whitesands Beach, Koh Chang. She was a run of the mill, newly 'appointed' bar girl, who couldn't speak any English. She worked in one of the small bars down the hill from Paddy Palms and Top Resort.

Nong as an Escort
06 May 2010

The words fishing in Bangkok conjures up horror stories for me. There is no way I would fish, swim in or otherwise come into contact with the filthy waterways of Bangkok. So when my friend suggested I should join him on a fishing trip to a place somewhere in Bangkok I nearly ran a mile. But luckily I didn't run and was pleased that I didn't.

Fishing in Bangkok