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I got a big shock the other day when I realised that during the last 6 years I have gone from wearing XL shirts to 3XL ! That is outrageous and it is pissing me off ! I should have seen it coming but stuck my head in the sand very much like Gordon Brown and the others did over the UK economy. Anyway, I can't see any easy way to reverse whats happened to my size but something has to be done.

05 December 2011

Well, it has been that time again. I have just returned to Bangkok after spending 3 weeks in Blighty. I can safely say it was the most miserable time in recent memory :)

To cap it all my return flight was booked for 30th November, the same day public sector workers had decided to hold a 24 hour strike. Despite horror stories of chaos to be expected at Heathrow airport, there was none. None at all. In fact terminal 4 was the quietest I have ever seen it.

26 August 2011

I had a day to spare coming back from Laos so I stopped off in Udon Thani for a night before flying back to Bangkok. I very quickly realised that the Thai people whom I met and interacted with were very pleasant. They were helpful, cheerful and generally laid back ! It was really nice to escape from my sometimes chaotic lifestyle in Bangkok.

14 June 2011

I have posted here on more than one occasion about men having 'serious relationships'  with bar girls. Many other people have done the same on their blogs and even in books. The advice is always the same and is based on the experiences of many, many people and even personal experience sometimes.

Broken Heart
18 January 2011

According to a recent poll by Bangkok's Assumption University a majority of Thai voters say they are willing to accept money from election candidates who want to buy their votes. The university surveyed 2,604 eligible voters in Bangkok and 17 other provinces finding that 53.2 per cent would be willing to sell their votes, 40.2 per cent would not and 6.6 per cent were undecided.

Buying Votes

I really have had enough. Despite receiving advice from me and many ex pats in Bangkok, at least 4 of my friends and aquaintances are emotionally and financially  hammered, and thats just this last two weeks !