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10 October 2012

I do not have to do this internet dating game, but two good friends of mine who live in Bangkok swear by it. In fact one of them finds a new girl on the internet every week with no intention of a long term relationship.

Online Dating
12 July 2012

It has been one pain of a week.

As of last week one of my desktop computers started to 'hang up'. First of all I just thought it was one of those things, but the 'hangs'  became more and more frequent. My first thoughts was a virus or malware, but I couldn't find any. My second thought was a conflict between two devices / programs, and my next thought was a heat problem / or that a piece or pieces of hardware were failing.

10 July 2012

Having been abusing my digestive system for the last year or more I decided to research the various types of detoxification programs that can be followed to make things better. On my travels I came across various websites about a pretty serious subject; a mans prostate gland. 

Diagram of the human body showing major organs

An interesting thing happened the other night. I was waiting in the Electric Pussy Cat bar just off of Sukhumvit Soi 20 for my best mate and his son when it poured down with rain. I was fine as I was inside, but my mate and his son came in a few minutes later absolutely drenched.

Electric Pussy Cat Bar

I have been using motor bike taxis for years in Bangkok. I have had near misses, heart-stopping moments, but yesterday it happened. Luckily I was on the back of a motorbike taxi travelling slowly in traffic and not on the open road. A tuk tuk in front of us stopped, but the motorbike taxi didn't.

Slightly Injuries

Nothing has changed regarding my interest in Thai girls feet since my last post on the subject back in March 2009. I am still an avid fan of Thai girls feet  but am saddened to say that the standard of feet I see today is not the same as before.

Better Feet