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13 July 2014

Having lived in Bangkok for many years I struck up 'friendships' with all sorts of girls. This post is about parts of conversations I have had with Bangkok bar girls. Some are amusing, well all are amusing 555555. Names are their real names but I will not state what bars they work in or did work in, maybe you will know them?

Man and Bar Girl

I popped into the infamous Afterskool BJ bar in Soi Cowboy the other night to see the owner who I happen to know.

After a few beers, I had to go to the toilet which is situated at the rear of the bar. These toilets are for customers and also act as a changing room and toilets for the staff.

Dirty Washbasin

I have been in Bangkok many years now and have been a good customer at one particular small bar. I was a good customer but no more.

17 September 2013

Ok, I have been to 7-11, Family Mart, various bars, Big C, other outlets and either they have no booze, or are running very low on stocks. I hear two sides as to why.

Singha Ber

The recent blackening out of the logo of a Thai Airways aircraft after it had skidded off the runway at Suvarnabhumi airport in Bangkok is typical of the way many people in Thailand still believe in the 'íf you didn't see it yourself then it didn't happen principle'. The attempt by the airline to protect its image has really backfired.

Thai Airways plane skids off runway
19 August 2013

I read an article in the Bangkok Post today about the number of homeless westerners in Thailand. It is quite sad really. Here is a quote from the article: