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The Bavarian Beer House has recently opened in Jetyod Road, Chiang Rai. It is located where the Bar 184 used to be, just 100 m from the clocktower. My wife and I visited the other evening and were impressed with what we found.

It seems to be a family and disabled friendly establishment.

As far as I know it is the only disabled friendly bar / restaurant in the Jetyod Road area of Chiang Rai. However I stand to be corrected if there are others.

The main bar area is on the ground floor with stairs and a lift to the first floor.

The first floor has seating, the toilets and a pool table. In addition to the ladies and gents toilets there is a disabled persons toilet and baby changing facilities.

A nice touch is the excellent lift from the ground to the first floor for the use of disabled people. The lift is wide enough to take a wheelchair.

The groundfloor is where the main bar area is.

Plastic Staff

There is seating and tables as well as stools at the bar. The decor is very nice and in the flavour of a Bavarian Beer House theme. But I am not so sure about the plastic looking girl holding the litre glasses of beer stood near the entrance.

The range of drinks on offer is amazing. A quick perusal of what was on offer made me think that this was a pricey joint to drink in but it is not. They offer the normal Thai beers at normal prices, draft and bottled. But as to be expected, the large range of imported beers are more expensive.

There are draft German beers including Erdinger and Warsteiner, and imported bottled beers ranging from Fullers London Pride to Leffe, and some great cocktails.

Next comes the food. The menu offers mouthwatering dishes of, amongst other things, a variety of German sausages and burgers.  The pictures of the various dishes looked fantastic and the actual food was better.

I chose the Currywurst and my wife chose the Meat Loaf.

Both were delicious and I would describe what we had as exceptional. My wife said the food was a bit pricey, but you get what you pay for, and this food was really good. 

I would expect that the sausages are imported, so they would be more expensive than a sausage bought in Big C!

Delicious Food

When we were in the premises there were 3 other customers (two Thai and one American). Hardly surprising as Jetyod Road is extremely quiet, and of course there are no tourists.

When the tourists are back, I have a funny feeling that the Bavarian Beer House will be very popular. Congratulations to the owners and staff. We will be back.

Their Facebook page is here

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