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Bar Girls Outside Spice Girls in Soi Cowboy

Many visitors to Thailand encounter bar girls and share their experiences. Whether it is in a blog, website or actual hard copy.

When you look for hard copy there are some great books around that share experiences in great depth, much more depth than a blog. But are they fact or fiction? I would say they are a mixture of both, with a leaning towards fiction based on fact.

However, I will leave you to make your own mind up - but beware, most Bar Girls are NOT going to be your real girlfriend.

Thai Bar Girl Books

I have done a bit of reading and recommend the following books. Some of the stories about bar girls are a bit far fetched but they have an element of truth in them. Some portray the work as it is.

Have a Look At These on Amazon

If you cannot get a hard copy of the book because of where you are, an e book to read on a kindle is an excellent idea.

But reading is not the same as doing. Despite the problems in Thailand (they exist all over the world) Bangkok is a great place to have fun and eat some great food. Whether you are single, gay, have a partner, or in a group, there is a lot of fun to be had.

Right now the rainy season is starting. But rain in Bangkok need not stop you having fun as it would at a beach. So come over - there are some cheap flights available.

A lot of bars have closed, but some new ones have appeared, so you will be spoilt for choice. Nightclubs are first class.

Remember to bring enough money. No money, no honey.

UPDATED: December 2019.

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