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Well I have not seen any troubles. If it wasn't for the news reports I would not even think anything was wrong in Bangkok. Life goes on where I am as it always does.

You would be surprised to know how many would be tourists are contacting us to see if it is safe to come ! I suppose I do not blame them as some of the news reporting has been somewhat sensationalised. Apart from around Government House it is nothing like the riots that effected Britain in the days of the poll tax, IRA etc, miners strike etc.

As long as you go nowhere near any demonstrations, do not voice an opinion in public, and mind your own business, you will be fine. There is no change in life in the main tourist areas of Bangkok, and apart from some disruption at local airports and the railways, things are normal.

As for the disruption at Thai airports, well, the fiasco at T5 of Heathrow was far worse !!

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