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Typical Incinerator Plant

Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) has announced that fees charged for rubbish disposal in Bangkok are going to rise from 1 Baht a day to over 3 Baht a day. Another sensible decision. It appears that Bangkokians only pay 7% of the cost of rubbish disposal at the moment. I hear people shout 'but rubbish disposal should be paid from taxes' The trouble is very few 'garbage producing' people pay tax!

Bangkok produces at least 10,000 tonnes of garbage a day according to figures released for last year and the argument is that the producers of garbage should help pay for its disposal. I don't think many would argue with that.

The problem is whether the extra money will help to improve things or will it just end up in the pockets of officials or owners of companies contracted to deal with the garbage? I hope the extra money will be well spent on 'top of the range incinerators'and not landfill.

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