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I have been using motor bike taxis for years in Bangkok. I have had near misses, heart-stopping moments, but yesterday it happened. Luckily I was on the back of a motorbike taxi travelling slowly in traffic and not on the open road. A tuk tuk in front of us stopped, but the motorbike taxi didn't.

Bangkok Motorbike Taxi Fail

We ran into the back of the tuk tuk and I fell off to the right-hand side. Guess what, I was not wearing a helmet. I smashed my forehead on the road, with my head taking the first impact, my right hand was next, bending the little finger back on itself, followed by my right knee and then right foot. Or maybe I have got the order wrong - I am not sure.

The injuries in themselves were clearly visible but what pissed me off worse is the rip in my Levi jeans. Ok, my nose bled, as did my forehead, but the jeans are a write-off. 3000 baht down the drain. They were not even counterfeit. They were the real thing.

One accident in 9 years is quite good really, but what worries me is that these things happen in threes.

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