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I will call her Nam, but that is not her real name. I have known Nam about four years and she works as a service/waitress girl in Soi Cowboy. She just called me and sounded ecstatic. After calming down, she invited my girlfriend and I to go and eat at The Landmark. She went on to say that she would pay !

Free Night Out Courtesy of Bar Girls Customer

I was somewhat surprised at this, but she soon explained that a stupid customer (her words) gave her 1 baht in gold, and 10000 baht last night. She was only with him a total of five hours, two of which was used up going to buy the gold, and one hour in a restaurant. She didn't say what the remaining hours were used for 5555

Then this morning she met him again and went with him to the airport. He caught a plane to his home country and she promptly left the airport, went back into Sukhumvit and sold the gold.

So my girlfriend and I are off out tonight for a night on the town at Nam's customer's expense.

The same 'free nights out' is played out all the time with ex-pats and Bangkok girls. It is no doubt the same in Pattaya, and everywhere else where tourists go in Thailand.

The moral of the story is - if you only know a bar girl a few hours or even days DO NOT go over the top with gifts of money or gold. They only appreciate the monetary value, not the fact that it was from YOU. They make you feel special, that's their job. When you have gone home they move on to the next guy

I just thought I would mention it, in fact, I am fed up with mentioning it - no one seems to take a blind bit of notice because their girl is always 'different' :)

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