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Venn Diagram - Balls Massage v Karsai Nei Tsang

I will describe here my perceived differences between a balls massage and a professional Karsai Nei Tsang massage in Thailand. I will rely on my own personal experiences and research carried out on the web.

Balls Massage Vs Karsai Nei Tsang Genital Massage

Karsai Nei Tsang is the name for a form of Chinese healthy genital massage. As you can see from the image both forms of massage overlap as both can and probably will cause a man to come, especially Balls Massage. Please note that in Thailand they also use the term Jab (or Jap) Garsai or Karsai for a genital massage similar to the Chinese method but it is more like a balls massage than the other.


First Experience of a Balls Massage

My first balls massage was in 2000 at a massage shop going by the name of Mermaids in Sukhumvit 11, Bangkok. I actually went to Mermaids for an oil massage. However, I noticed on the menu 'Balls Massage'.  Never having had one I selected it.

I was led to a cubicle as normal and stripped off, lying face down on the massage table. After a few minutes, a girl aged about 22 years old came in and promptly took off her T-shirt and bra and started a normal oil massage. This topless massage was an added bonus as I was not expecting it.

As is normal in such places she tickled my balls and massaged my groin area until I became hard - didn't take long.

After about 30 minutes lying on my front, she turned me over. After a normal oil massage on my chest, abdomen, and legs she moved to my erection. I will not go into it in detail as you can use your imagination, but after a few strokes, she started massaging my balls. It was just smoothing, squeezing and tickling nothing like what a Jap Garsai massage is like as I found out weeks later. This went on for about 10 minutes. Any way she looked at the clock and promptly gave me a handjob whilst playing with my balls. That was that. By the way, Mermaids closed long ago.

Standards of Balls Massage or Jab Garsai Genital Massage

Since that first experience, I have had many similar genital massages.  I must say that the standard of such massages varies considerably alongside the experience and the amount of training, if any, the woman has had.

I find that I can get a genital massage of some sort during 3 out of 10 oil massages even if it is not advertised on the menu.

At places that are obvious ' extra services' establishments, it is a balls massage as described earlier, and far more easy to get.

At other places, I find that if I ask for Jab Garsai or point to my balls, I normally get a 'Mai Ben' (Not Do) but handjob 'OK' reply or she does something similar to a Karsai Nei Tsang massage for a tip. This has always included a handjob as well as a genital massage and is more likely to be done by a woman at least 40 years of age.

The basic genital massage involves stretching the testicles, pressure points and the like. But because of the handjob, it is NOT a professional Karsai Nei Tsang massage. With the latter, there is no handjob although there is sometimes prostrate massage and it is common for a man to ejaculate. It can also be carried out on women. Karsai Nei Tsang is a technique to promote health and wellbeing - not sexual gratification.

Earlier this year I had an oil massage that included Jab Garsai from a woman of about 50 years who had a massage shop about 15km outside of Chiang Rai town. I asked her where she trained for the Jab Garsai. She said it cost 5000 Baht to train at a place in Chiang Rai town. I have no idea where, but the cost seems expensive for a Thai person. So training does exist. Her Jab Karsai was the best I have had since Koh Chang.

However, it was, as the majority are in my experience, a basic genital massage AND handjob.

Karsai Nei Tsang Comes Next

I have yet to have a professional Karsai Nei Tsang massage. The closest I have got to it is described in my Viagra Massage post.

Find here a description of what happens in Karsai Nei Tsang professional genital massage and here for another description of similar. The next time I am in Chiang Mai I will get one from Ohm Rinraya

WARNING: If you get your genitals massaged by a person who does not know what they are doing it could result in damage to this sensitive area.

NOTE: Genital massage at normal massage shops is known as Jab Karsai, Jap Karsai, Jab Garsai, Jab Karsai or similar. If you ask in one way and get a blank look try another and if that doesn't work try demonstrating with your hand.

UPDATE: 24 April, 2020 

I have now found a girl in Chiang Rai town area who does an excellent balls massage and happy ending. Her normal massage, before the balls massage , is also excellent. I will not post details of where she is here. If you want to know, email me from the contact page. 

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