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Asoke Place Short Time Hotel, Bangkok

Ok, who recognizes this entrance? Who has fond memories of the place? For 300 odd Baht you can rent a room at Asoke Place for three hours. Or you can stay longer for a bit more. Longer stayers get better rooms than the short stayers.

It's Only 1 Minute Away From Soi Cowboy.

Just walk from Cowboy into Soi 19 (the Country Road/ Tilac bar end) and turn right. Then it's on the right, literally a few yards walk.

You can order drinks and if you do they give you a couple of toothbrushes and toothpaste! What more do you want after a few beer Changs! Have fun.

I have frequented the place many times.

One time I went there with a tom boy I met on the BTS (Skytrain). We had a few beers and she got very drunk (dutch courage). I paid for the room and we took a couple of beers in with us.

It was the first tom boy I had ever been with and I was amazed as she undressed and removed a sort of corset that was holding in her breasts. As she took it off her tits sprang out and she looked 'normal'.

After about 15 minutes she staggered to the bathroom and was sick as a dog in the sink. I was drunk as well and tried to clear it up but the sink was blocked. I tried poking the bits down the plughole to no avail. 

We collapsed on the bed, and after a couple of hours eventually left. I was still drunk I think as I gave the reception 500 Baht and apologised for the state of the bathroom. They didn't seem bothered.

Please leave a comment about your time there :)

By the way, these premises must not be confused with Asoke Place condominiums.

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