Asoke Place Short Time Hotel, Bangkok

Ok who recognises this entrance? Who has fond memories of the place? For 300 odd baht you can rent a room at Asoke Place for three hours. Or you can stay longer for a bit more. Longer stayers get better rooms than the short stayers.

Its only 1 minute away from Soi Cowboy, just walk from Cowboy into Soi 19 (the Country Road/ Tilac bar end) and turn right. Then its on the right, literally a few yards walk.

You can order drinks and if you do they give you a couple of toothbrushes and toothpaste! What more do you want after a few beer Changs! Have fun.

I have frequented the place many times. One time I went there with a tom boy I met on the BTS. We had a few beers and she got very drunk (dutch courage). I paid for the room and we took a couple of beers in with us. After about 15 minutes she staggered to the bathroom and was sick as a dog in the sink. I was drunk as well and tried to clear it up but the sink was blocked. I tried poking the bits down the plug hole to no avail. 

We collapsed on the bed, and after a couple of hours eventually left. I was still drunk I think as I gave the reception 500 Baht and apologised for the state of the bathroom. They didn't seem bothered.

Please leave a comment about your time there :) Oh bye the way these premises must not be confused with Asoke Place condominiums.

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