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It is not very often that I do this, in fact I don't remember doing it before, but I have to sing the praises of AIS 12 Call mobile telephone/ mobile data providers, and TOT broadband internet providers.

I have been using TOT broadband at home for the last 5 years. When I first went with them the customer service left a lot to be desired. But now it is 500 per cent better than it was. There seems to have been some dramatic changes in the customer service area and it is to be applauded. Instead of being treated as a  nuisance they seem to be treating their customers as customers.

Likewise with AIS 12 Call. I recently had dealings with their customer service team and was really impressed with the way they dealt with me. They seem to have a dedicated team for foreigners and it is very good. I therefore also applaud AIS for the service they provide.

Obviously there will be glitches and not everyone will feel the same as me, but all in all both companies have moved on significantly.

UPDATE: May 2019 - TOT customer service is now excellent.

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