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It's time to change condo again as my present contract has one month to run. My  landlord doesn't want to reduce the rent so I am moving. I asked for a reduction because the supply of condos in my area far outstrips demand and rental prices are dropping - except for mine :)

Estate Agencies in Bangkok

Anyway, the search for a new place started 4 days ago. I roamed the streets and then tried some of the 'regular' property agents but was not impressed - one used a messenger to show me a property who was of no use at all. One didn't turn up at the property I wanted to see, and if Thailand had a Trades Description law another would always be in court!

I am so fed up with something being described as being 'very close to the BTS' only to find the place is a 35 baht taxi ride from the BTS. Or 'very quiet neighbourhood' & and then find the place is right next to a factory with banging and shouting going on.

Then I was recommended to see Khun Nala of On-Nut Condos by a friend. She can speak very good English as well as Thai and has a good knowledge of the area between Thong Lor and Bang Na (Sukhumvit Road from Soi 53 - 101 in Bangkok). She also has a very good understanding of western culture which helps a lot.

Nala offers a personal service in that she will take you to a property herself, if you want ( in her car ), and will deal with any queries you have on the spot - as opposed to some who can't speak English, and do nothing apart from open the door to the property.

I wish I had gone to her first instead of spending 2 days roaming the streets, and 2 days with other agents. As you can I magine, I have found what I was looking for with Nala's help.

If you are looking for a condo to rent or buy in the On Nut and surrounding areas of Bangkok have a look at On-Nut Condos

UPDATE December 2019

This post was written a few years ago but On Nut Condos is still around and I have used them twice now.

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